Why ‘The Stoics’ aren’t really Stoics anymore

  • July 13, 2021

Posted November 05, 2018 07:00:52 The art and philosophy of the Greek philosopher Socrates was popularized and popularized by Plato, but its also a very ancient, and well-known, figure.

Socrates’ work has been extensively researched and analyzed in both academic and non-academic journals, and the book The Antediluvian Epistles: The Life of Socrates (Oxford University Press, 2018) by Stephen Kretzmann and colleagues provides a wealth of information on the Greek scholar, and his life.

In this book, Kretzelmann and his team explore the themes of the Stoics, and examine how they contributed to their ideas about the human condition and the value of life, the pursuit of happiness, and justice.

Among the many things to read in this book is Kretzo’s fascinating account of how the Stoic philosopher came to be known as “the Stoic of Athens” and how the Greek historian, Herodotus, named him.

“What is the difference between Socrates and Plato?” the book asks.

A short answer: Socrates was much more of a thinker than Plato.

“Plato presented his ideas as if they were facts, whereas Socrates presented them as opinions.””

Plato was much better at presenting his ideas to people than Socrates was,” Kretzlmann writes.

“Plato presented his ideas as if they were facts, whereas Socrates presented them as opinions.”

Kretzlman’s team also discusses how Socrates was a better writer than Plato, as well as how his philosophical insights influenced later thinkers such as Aristotle.

But what makes this book especially interesting is the fact that it offers an in-depth, and in-context, overview of the life and works of Socrates and how he influenced the Greek philosophical tradition, which in turn shaped and influenced the way the world was understood and lived.

Kretzner also provides a thorough analysis of the role of Socrates in the history of the Roman Republic.

The book is an interesting and engaging read, and an ideal addition to any academic library, or even an online reading library.

You can find more information about the book at this link: https://www.oxfordjournals.org/books/the-antediluvians-the-life-of-socrates-anthony-kretzman/article/view/190176/title The Antedilluvian Epists: The History of The Stoics.

By Stephen K. Kretzimann and Anthony Kretzanos.

Oxford Univ Press,2018


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