Jade statue in China’s Shaanxi province, sculpture says, ‘My life’s journey’

  • July 16, 2021

The statue of a Chinese princess with her head covered by a white robe and white hat stands in a square in Shaanxiang, Jiangsu province.

It was erected on Nov. 2, a day after China’s President Xi Jinping declared a nationwide national day of mourning for the victims of a terrorist attack in Beijing.

It has been covered with a cloth and covered with flowers.

In the foreground, a woman with a white hat carries a candle as she looks into the eyes of the statue.

The statue, which was designed by Wang Zuo, has a date of Dec. 9, a date that has been chosen by local authorities.

The statue of Chinese princess Jade, which stands in Shainxi, Jiangssu province, is seen on Nov, 2, 2017.

It is one of three sculptures of Chinese women who have died in the past three days, according to Xinhua.

The others are a bronze statue of Mao Zedong in Shanghai, and a bronze sculpture of Xi Jinping in Beijing, which is in the process of being moved from a public space in the heart of the capital.

Xinhua said the new statues were part of a campaign to memorialize the victims.

“The statue is meant to honor the victims’ bravery, perseverance and dignity in battle,” the news agency said.

“They are a symbol of the nation’s strength and resilience.

It’s a symbol that reflects the strength of the country.”

The new memorial, which can be seen from the street, is expected to open in about a month.

China has been grappling with the impact of its economic slowdown on the lives of its people and has been taking measures to curb the flow of migrants from abroad, including imposing a visa ban on foreign workers.

It also announced plans to reopen two of its main railway stations in the coming weeks to allow tourists to reach the city by air.

In a separate development on Tuesday, Chinese authorities said they would open a cultural centre in the eastern province of Liaoning to promote cultural exchanges.

A spokeswoman for the Liaoning Tourism Bureau said the centre would be called ‘Chinese Cultural Centre of Liaoshan’ and would be opened to the public.


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