Which is better, a 3D-printed sculpture or an actual statue?

  • August 3, 2021

Metal garden sculptures have been a popular feature at the Art Museum of Denver for decades, and they have been made to look like real-life sculptures.

In the latest installment of our Metal Garden sculpture series, we look at the most impressive 3D metal garden sculpture in Denver: a sculpture by Alexander Calder, who was born in 1928 and was commissioned to create the sculpture by the Denver Art Museum.

Here’s what you need to know about this incredible metal sculpture.

Alexander Calder’s sculpture in his studio at the Denver Museum of Art.

Source: Art Museum/FacebookArt Museum of Colorado/FacebookAlexander Calderes sculpture in a workshop in Denver.

Source : Art Museum Of Colorado/PinterestAlexander Caldens sculpture in the studio at his studio in Denver, circa 1929.

Source 1 / 5 Artist Alexander Caldenes work at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver’s Art Museum in 1931.

Source 2 / 5 Art Museum Museum of Boulder/Getty Images Art Museum / Getty ImagesAlex Calder sculpture at the Colorado Art Museum, in Denver in 1933.

Source 3 / 5 Alex Calder sculptures in the gallery at the Cleveland Art Museum during a visit to the Museum.

Source 4 / 5 Alexander Calderees work in the Colorado Museum of Natural History, in Colorado Springs, in 1935.



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