A woman’s heart sculpture has been transformed into a wedding ice sculpture, thanks to a gift from the bride

  • August 6, 2021

A woman has won the heart sculpture contest for a bride-to-be.

Key points:A woman with a heart condition has been given a life-sized heart sculpture to represent her husband’s love for her, which she had been unable to acceptAfter the artist submitted the sculpture to the wedding venue, it has been donated to the Aussie Heart FoundationThe woman was told by the bride’s parents that the sculpture was too big and could not fit inside her roomThe wife said it made her feel “very happy”The Aussie heart foundation said it was a great honour for the family to be able to help a young couple through a life altering event.

Key point:The heart sculpture, donated by the artist, has been made into a life sized ice sculpture and is being displayed in the venueThe wife of the bride said it had made her “feel very happy” and was the perfect gift for her husband.

The bride-of-two, who is known as Ayla, was told about the sculpture by her parents after receiving the winning design from a design competition.

The artist said the family had been very supportive of their wishes.

“My dad said it would be a great idea to send the sculpture back to the ice sculpture festival in Australia, so they could give it a go and make it their own.”

So I’m really happy that they’re giving it to us.

“It’s a really cool piece and it makes me feel very happy.”

I’m really excited to go back to Australia and make my own.

“The woman’s parents are both heart surgeons and they said they had never thought of donating their own body parts to someone.”

They said, ‘we want you to give it to the bride and groom and then take it back home and make sure it’s all perfect,'” Mrs Janson said.”

But we were so excited to hear it was going to be a woman, so we were really excited.

“When we got to the workshop it was just the best idea ever, and it’s a wonderful feeling to see that beautiful piece of art made.”

Ayla said she was proud of her husband and that they had shared the project with other people around the world.

“We’ve all had to deal with some of the worst things we can think of and it can be difficult, but we’ve never thought about doing anything that would make it better,” she said.

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