This mural is about a taco with a taco shell

  • August 7, 2021

This mural by a taco art student at Cal Poly Pomona depicts a taco covered in taco shells, and the words, “F*** You Taco.”

“This mural is a direct response to the death of my friend, Toni, who died from colon cancer on June 14, 2017,” said the mural artist, Yolanda Sotomayor.

“It is a tribute to the humanity of Taco Bell.”

The student, Yvonne Yost, says she was inspired by Taco Bell’s taco shells.

“I just thought, what if we could just take that concept and make a mural out of tacos?” said Yost.

“Taco Shells is a beautiful metaphor for life, and a metaphor for a lot of things that we take for granted.”

The mural is currently on display in the Cal Poly Art Museum, which was originally conceived as a place to showcase the work of local artists.

“As a curator, I love seeing the work that local artists do, and I was excited to bring this work to the museum,” said Cal Poly art professor Amy McManus.

“They did an incredible job of organizing this space and creating this space to be the place where the artist’s work can be displayed.”

The sculpture is part of a series of sculptures that will be placed on display throughout the summer.

Cal Poly has more than 2,100 artists who are participating in a series that celebrates the importance of community and creativity.

“Art is about community, and it’s about making the world a better place, and we all share in that,” said McManuses.

“We’ve come a long way, and in many ways we’ve gotten better at creating these kinds of beautiful, beautiful things.

But it’s also about our ability to do the things that are necessary to live in a more beautiful world.”

Cal Poly also partnered with the California Center for the Arts and the University of California, Berkeley, to design and produce a video of a taco-shaped sculpture called “Turtle Soup,” which is set to go on view at the UC Berkeley campus on Saturday, May 29.

“The Turtle Soup video, along with the CalPoly art, will allow us to present this mural to a wider audience,” said Yolana Sotomays.

“So this isn’t just a mural that’s being painted on a street.

This is an artist’s vision, and this is what people can see and understand.”


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