What is the wax sculpture?

  • August 6, 2021

In 2017, the Royal Australian Museum unveiled a new exhibit entitled ‘The wax sculpture’, which features a wax sculpture of a nude woman by artist Mandy Moore.

The sculpture was created by artist Mathew Whelan and is currently on display at the museum.

Mandy Moore created this wax sculpture in 2001.

Photo: RAAF Museum of Flight, Canberra The wax sculpture, which depicts a nude figure, was made by artist Matt Whelans who has worked on a number of Australian artworks.

The exhibition was unveiled by the RAA in March, 2017, and is a continuation of the wax sculptures of the late 19th century that Whelanos works are renowned for.

The exhibition was created to highlight the history of Australia’s art and craft and highlight the contributions of artisans, artists and sculptors, and the role they played in creating the nation’s heritage and culture.

‘Wax sculpture’ is part of the museum’s Australian Art Collection, which also features artworks by artists such as George Bailey, Peter Paul Rubens and the late John Coltrane.

Artists including Mathew and Ravi Whelen and sculptor Mandy Whelanism have been recognised for their contribution to Australian art.

Artist Mathew has been recognised by the Royal Academy of Art for his work.

Photo by the author Mandy, whose work has been on display in the museum since 2007, told the ABC the wax piece was commissioned by the museum after being inspired by a photograph of a naked woman, known as the ‘Mandy Bowery’, in a newspaper advertisement.

She said it had been her inspiration to create a wax figure of the woman because it was “a bit of a taboo subject in Australia”.

“She’s a bit of an oddity in the Australian art world,” she said.

“People don’t really like the idea of naked people in a painting or sculpture.

It was just an easy way to have a nude sculpture.”

She was the perfect canvas for me to get my thoughts on a nude body, which is why I wanted to work on it.

“I thought the artwork would be quite unique, but then I discovered there was a group of Australian artists and artists that were also interested in it.

I just wanted to get something from them and see what it would look like.”

Mature art works, or sculptures, are normally painted, but Whelann said he wanted to give his own interpretation of the sculpture to reflect the time period.

He said the wax figure was meant to represent a time in history when nude women were not considered sexual objects and could also symbolise the women’s rights movement in Australia.

Australian artist Mathews Whelanyan, who was also commissioned to create the sculpture, said he was inspired by the Bowerys photo of the naked woman in a magazine advertisement.

“I thought this would be a lovely opportunity to bring a naked figure to life,” he said.

“It was also just a fun, colourful way to take a piece of art and bring it into a different era.”

Whelanyans work includes an artwork by sculptor Mathew, which was painted on a wax statue of a woman by Mathew.

He said the work was inspired in part by the Australian flag.

After the wax statue was unveiled in 2017, it was one of the most anticipated artworks at the Australian Art Museum.

Mathew Whetan has been nominated for the Australian Museum of Contemporary Art’s 2016 National Contemporary Artist of the Year award.

Whetan said his work had a lot to do with his desire to “speak to the contemporary artists that are in the same space as I am”.

He told the Australian that his artworks, like the wax woman, were not commissioned for commercial reasons, but because they were meant to be displayed for the community.

In the same way as the wax women, Mathew said his artwork would also be used for educational and artistic purposes.

“(It’s) really important to me that my work is not just for my own enjoyment,” he told the BBC.

However, he said that although he was honoured to be nominated, he would not necessarily be doing anything to support the wax museum.

“If I did want to do anything, it would be to support it,” he added.

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