How to build a Buddha statue from Lego

  • August 23, 2021

Posted March 08, 2019 05:06:54We can’t stop the construction of these amazing pieces of art.

We know it won’t happen soon, but we’re so glad we can make them.

You can find the original Lego versions here and the new ones here.

We created a set of instructions that guide you through the process of building your own masterpiece.

We’re calling it the How to Build a Buddha sculpture from Lego.

If you’re new to Lego, here’s a guide to how to get started.

We hope you enjoy learning about building your very own piece of art as much as we did creating it.

The Lego model of the Buddha statue.

The piece is a bit of a puzzle.

First, we need to create a model of a Buddha that will fit the dimensions of the statue.

A 3D model is easy to make but it takes a lot of work.

The best way to do this is to have a friend use the built-in CAD software to draw an object.

A friend can also make the model themselves, but it’s not as straightforward.

You can print out the model with a printable version of 3D printer.

You should also print out a copy of your favorite CAD software (or use a CAD software for the software that you know) and then cut out the shapes from the model using a digital camera.

We like to print the parts out on 3.5 mm thick cardstock.

You’ll need a piece of cardboard to make your own piece, but that’s really easy to get at most hardware stores.

You may also find them in a box of Lego blocks.

If so, cut the cardboard in half, and lay the halves side by side on the cardboard.

You’ll need to cut the corners in the halves as well.

You don’t need to use a template to make these.

We recommend printing the shapes out on a piece that’s slightly larger than the size of your printer.

We use a piece like a quarter sheet for our pieces, which is a very handy length.

Make sure to mark the edges of the pieces on your template.

Once you have your cardboard piece cut and the sides cut, you’ll need some glue.

It’s important to make sure you put a good amount of glue on the ends of the cardboard so the glue doesn’t peel off.

Once you have the glue on, it’s time to glue the pieces together.

The glue will help hold the pieces in place and prevent them from slipping around.

The two halves of the piece of paper.

You want to keep the pieces close together, but you want the edges to be slightly angled.

You need to be careful not to leave too much glue on them.

Make a line at each corner of the edges, so the pieces will stay glued together.

You’re done!

You should have your Buddha, now it’s up to you to put it to good use.

The instructions show you how to build the model in Lego, but there are plenty of other ways to make it work in other Lego-compatible 3D printers.


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