How to find a Greek sculpture woman in the UK

  • September 9, 2021

A mysterious statue of a woman in her late 30s with a wide smile is on the streets of central Athens, a sign of the changing nature of Greek culture and tourism.

Greece has long boasted of its ancient heritage, but the statue, called The Great Greek Woman, was first unveiled in 1894 by the sculptor Georgios Koulourakis.

Now, she has a much bigger public profile, with an estimated 10,000 tourists a year, and her presence is part of the cultural fabric of the country.

Tourists often ask about the statue and whether they can get a glimpse of her, and many of them pay good money to see her.

The statue is painted in a muted colour, with her long, blond hair swept back and her face hidden by a veil.

Her statue is said to have been a victim of a disease.

Koulouraks statue was destroyed in 1915Greeks also commemorate the Great Greek Man, and a statue of this woman has been on display in the capital, Athens since the 1930s.

It was later taken down.

It’s unclear whether this statue has any relevance to the statue of the Great Woman on the city’s main avenue.

However, she is not the only tourist attraction in Athens that is being damaged by the outbreak of the pandemic.

Some of Greece’s biggest tourist attractions have been affected, including the popular Acropolis, the world’s largest shopping centre.

But in Athens, most tourists still come to see the Great Statue of Zeus, the only Greek sculpture in the world.

It has been painted in the muted colour of the Greek national flag.


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