‘This is what it’s like to live in a dystopian world’: Remington sculptures feature in new video

  • September 9, 2021

Facing criticism that his sculptures lack creativity, Remington has a message for his critics: The art world has changed, and we are no longer the creative geniuses we once were.

We have evolved.

Here are some examples of Remington’s sculptures that he has designed for the gallery.

“The Last Train to Paris” (1952) Remington took the idea of a train coming to Paris, and turned it into a story about the people who lived in the city during the First World War.

“What Is It Like to Be a Slave?”

(1958) Remedy reimagines the iconic scene in “A View from the Bridge” as a black woman and her white man, both struggling with the consequences of their actions during the Civil War.

Remedy, a critic of the Civil Rights movement, created this work with his brother, who had also been active in the Civil rights movement.

“Fifty Shades of Grey” (2015) Remo designed this statue in response to the controversy surrounding the controversial erotic novel Fifty Shades of Gray.

The bronze sculpture, which features an African American woman and a white man kissing, features a woman with an “A” tattoo on her arm and a “W” on her forehead.

The book is based on the book of the same name by author E. L. James.

“I Am the Man” (2017) Rems creations have received praise for their portrayal of men and masculinity in the real world.

In the film, actor Michael Caine plays a man who finds himself with no money, his wife struggling with money issues, and his son living in a homeless shelter.

“Lincoln” (2012) Remmy designed this sculpture in response of the recent protests over the Dakota Access Pipeline.

This sculpture features a young man standing on a hilltop, gazing up at the sky, surrounded by a group of white soldiers.

“It’s Not Me” (2005) Remy’s work features a character that is portrayed as being in a mental institution.

Remmy created this sculpture as a response to a story of a woman who was held in a psychiatric facility.

Rems work is designed for people of color, who are often denied treatment due to their race.

“Proud to Be Black” (2010) Remi created this piece to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the release of his critically acclaimed film “The Butler.”

This sculpture portrays a man holding up a sign that reads “Prairie Dogs Are Not Dead.”

The sculpture was created in the aftermath of the death of George Bush, who was assassinated by a sniper while attending a memorial service.

“White Trash” (2013) Remm used a computer-generated painting to recreate the iconic scenes in the film “Pulp Fiction” as well as the character of “White Dude.”

Remm created this statue with his daughter, who has since died.

“Rising Above” (2014) Remk designed this work to show how his life changed after being diagnosed with leukemia.

The sculpture features an elderly man and a woman in a wheelchair.

Remk created this sculptor in response in response and support for his daughter who died from leukemia.

“Love” (2018) Remarkably, Remk also created this in response, in addition to the other works he had previously designed, including “Puppy Love,” “Love and the Beach,” and “Falling In Love.”

“I’m in Love” (2008) Rem’s sculpture was inspired by his own love of music, which he describes as being “a lifelong pursuit of the unknown.”

“The World Is Mine” (1998) Rem built this sculpture out of reclaimed wood from the roof of a building in his hometown of Los Angeles.

“This is a Love Letter to My Father” (2003) Rem created this tribute sculpture after his father, a former Navy pilot, died of cancer.

The artist used a large black and white painting of his father’s face as a backdrop.

“When I’m Happy” (2007) Rem designed this piece in response during the election.

The piece features two men in a room, seated on a couch.

Remm has said that his sculpture depicts his father in a very private moment with his wife, a woman he describes in the sculpture as “my mommy.”

“It Doesn’t Look Like You” (2016) Rem is best known for his sculptures that use a computer model of himself, and other models of celebrities such as Madonna and Jay-Z.

“Crazy Eyes” (2011) Rem used a sculpture to illustrate his fear of seeing his family again after they had divorced.

Rem was forced to move to a new city, where he lived in a shelter with his three children.

“You Don’t Look Good Enough” (2009) Rem made a large sculpture of himself in response after his family was forced out of their home because of Hurricane Sandy.

“My Mother’s Home” (


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