Why I’m Not a Sugar Shaker: A Story of How I Came to Love the Sugar Shakers

  • September 24, 2021

Posted August 10, 2018 11:23:23In the late 1950s and early 1960s, when the Sugar Rush was in full swing, the art of sugar sculpture was in its infancy.

The Sugar Rush took place across the U.S. and included the largest mass sculpture of sugar in history, a sculpture that was so huge that the National Park Service had to build it to accommodate the crowds of visitors who were trying to catch a glimpse of it.

There were more than 10,000 sculptures of sugar all over the country, but for most people, the sculpture in the National Mall would be the only piece of sugar art they saw.

So how did the Sugar War start?

I was there for a little while when the war started, but I remember the moment when I was there.

The first war was in Vietnam.

We were there on August 7, 1969.

We had the first war in Vietnam, and I remember when we got to the National Gallery we had the sculpture of the American flag being moved.

We took the sculpture down to the gallery, and they had a big protest outside the gallery.

I remember it was just this big, huge, big, big protest.

It was kind of surreal.

They didn’t know if it was real or not, and then a couple of weeks later we were there again, and there were these huge demonstrations and then all of a sudden the statue of the flag was moved.

It happened so fast.

So I guess that was a pretty big shock to me.

How did you get involved with the war?

Well, the first thing I did was sign the petition for a new war.

I signed it and I said, “This is the war we want.”

I went to the war museum and I went back to my desk, and the first place I saw it was on the wall, in front of the statue.

I looked at the statue and said, “What the hell is this?”

It was in the midst of the protest, and so I signed and put it up.

I thought, “OK, this is the end of it.”

Then, as soon as I got back to the office, I called the museum, and said this is not the war that I signed, it’s the war.

And I thought that was pretty amazing, to have the war end.

You went on to do a lot of things with the art.

Well for the first year or so, I did a lot with the sculpture, but then, after a year or two, the war began to pick up again.

And that was when I had a couple more sculptures made, so I had this sculpture of an American flag and the statue was moving.

What was the first sculpture you made?

The first sculpture that I did in the museum was called “The Flag in the Garden,” and it was in honor of our war dead.

It came in from Vietnam, it was commissioned by a man named Robert L. Jones.

He was in prison in Vietnam when the War started, and he had signed a letter to the secretary of defense, and that letter was sent to the Secretary of War, the Secretary’s office, and to the Chief of Staff, and it says, “Please take care of me, and give me a statue of my flag.”

It was very symbolic.

And he took it out, and when he got out of prison he went to his daughter’s wedding.

And she was married on the first day of her wedding to this flag.

And her dad said, well, now he’s a flag, and she said, yeah, I don’t know.

I guess you know.

Did you ever see any protests or anything?

No, because I was busy with the museum.

So that’s the first statue I made, and after that, I didn’t see any of that.

Is that how you feel about the war, about the War in Vietnam?


I think it was a tragedy, and a tragedy to see so many people killed, and because of that, it has a certain amount of resonance.

I don`t really see that as a tragedy.

Why do you think it has such a resonance?

I think that we have a certain kind of mentality about the way we feel about war.

I mean, there`s a lot about war that`s very violent and a lot that is very emotional and it has some resonance with certain people.

So, for me, it resonates with the anger and the sadness that we see in the world.

Where did the name Sugar War come from?

The name Sugar was the nickname that people gave the sculpture because it had an American feel to it.

And so, that was the name that came up.

And how did you choose the name?

It was a little bit of a mystery.

We got it from a friend,


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