How to tell if you’ve found the best place to see griffis park

  • September 29, 2021

On a quiet stretch of Interstate 10 in north Seattle, there’s a spot where you might expect to find a grove of white pine trees and a few groves of spruce and fir.

Instead, the grove is a giant statue of the Griffis and it’s been transformed into a permanent landmark.

The statue, which sits on a hillside next to a small park, was made by a Seattle artist named Taryn Cusack.

“It’s a very subtle piece, but it is a really subtle piece,” Cusak said.

The sculpture, known as Griffis, was commissioned by the Seattle Art Museum, which is part of the Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation.

It is also part of an annual art show called The Griffis Festival.

Cusacks husband, Alex, who works for the city’s Parks and Rec department, helped her craft the sculpture.

Alex said it took her two months to create the statue and the artist, who is also a sculptor, said it takes her two to three months to paint the sculpture, which was done in about three weeks.

“The sculpture is a little bit of a work of art, and it looks amazing,” he said.

“But it’s also a real work of love.

I think it is really good for the environment and the city.”

This piece of art is the work of artist Taryn M. CUSACK, who created a permanent griffish sculpture at Seattle Art Center.

It’s a little piece of work of arts.

Alex Cusaks work for the Seattle Parks and Rescues department.

(Photo: The Seattle Art Museums) Alex said she got her inspiration from a story she read when she was a little girl.

“My mom, I think she was five or six years old, and she would talk to me about the Griffish story,” she said.

Her mom would ask her if she knew who the Griffi was, and when she said “yes,” she’d be like, “Oh, that’s me, I made it.”

“So I’m like, ‘Well, why is it a Griffis?'”

Alex said.

She thought about the story, and realized it was important to understand how this piece of artwork came to be.

Alex was inspired by a story about the “girly princess,” Princess Merida, from Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast.”

Princess Meridah, a princess from a Disney princess universe, was a princess who lived in a castle in Scotland.

When she was young, her kingdom was invaded by the evil witch who wanted to take her kingdom.

“I think it was kind of a sad, tragic story,” Alex said, referring to the story.

“She had a big castle, and there were a lot of horrible things happening, and so she was kind, and they were like, oh, I know what you’re thinking, and you’re like, that really isn’t what happened.

But they were really nice.”

Alex said her mom would go through her collection of old books, and find out what stories she’d forgotten about Princess Meridanah.

“And it was like, you know what?

They didn’t really know what happened,” she recalled.

“So she would go to this library, and every book was like a fairy tale or something, and I think that’s what she’s trying to tell us.”

Cusacker, who’s also known for her work with the Seattle Mariners, said she grew up with a love for art.

“Growing up I was really into art and art history,” she explained.

“You have these books you just love.

You love to read books, you love to study art, you really love to look at art.”

Cuseack said she’s also passionate about conservation and helping local communities.

“When you think about it, we’re really living in an age where nature is being impacted and it affects us all,” she told The Washington Public Radio.

“There’s so many things that can be done to protect the planet that we can’t even imagine right now.”

In a time when people are taking up more space than ever before, Cusacking said it’s important to be creative when it comes to creating art.

She’s working on a book of poetry and music inspired by the Griffists story, which will be published in October.

“We want to create a really great story that captures the essence of the spirit of the people who came before us,” she shared.

Cuseacker said she was inspired to create this work by a childhood memory of a woman who was killed by a grizzly bear.

The woman’s name was Mary Haddock, and Mary Haney, her mother, was killed while hunting.

“A lot of the stories I grew up reading about grizzlies, and grizzly bears, were very violent,” Cuseck said.

CUSEACK said she wanted to make a work


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