How to stop being a tourist and make a difference

  • October 11, 2021

When you take your holiday, you’re essentially taking a trip with your family, which is a luxury most people have never experienced before.

This is what happens when you travel to remote and inaccessible places in the world, but it’s also why tourism is so important for the environment and people around us.

The new Nature and Art sculpture is the first of its kind in Australia, and is a tribute to Indigenous artist and Indigenous artist-activist Sarah Jones, whose life has been dedicated to conservation, sustainable living and a vision of a world in which the natural world can be a sanctuary.

Sarah Jones is a living legend in Australia and beyond.

She has won awards for her work in Indigenous art, including the Indigenous Heritage Award and the National Gallery of Australia’s Indigenous Artist in Residence award.

Her works have been exhibited internationally and have inspired generations of Indigenous artists and art lovers worldwide.

For a few years now, she has been in the middle of her career, but has always been focused on making art.

“I’ve been a really lucky person to have this kind of work, because it’s a beautiful medium, and I love doing it,” she said.

But it was in the mid-2000s that the idea of a Nature and Arts sculpture became a reality.

She wanted to create a sculpture that would capture her personal story and create an art project that would help raise awareness about her story.

“It’s been my story, I’ve been working in the Indigenous arts for a long time, I don’t have a real place in this world, and so I thought it would be interesting to create this work that would bring me out of that and to see what it would look like in a real context.”

She began thinking about how she would depict Sarah Jones in the natural environment, and how the sculptures would work.

In the early 2000s, Jones decided to take her own life and her art project would go from strength to strength.

One of the things she wanted to bring to life was Sarah Jones’s life and art, which meant she started drawing sketches from her own body.

Each sculpture was created from scratch.

Jones has been a prolific artist for almost 40 years, and in her work she has created works that have inspired and changed lives.

With her life and work, she wanted something that would be meaningful to her.

It was about creating something that could be permanent and could never be taken away, so she knew it would have to be a permanent piece, and that meant a sculpture.

I knew it had to be one that was something that I could remember forever.

What started as a sketch from my own body became a sculpture, and now it’s my story.

I am a living, breathing artist, and my art is a reminder that I am here and still alive.

A few months after she started working on the sculptures, Jones was contacted by the artist and artist-in-residence at the National Museum of Australia.

He asked if he could make some of the pieces for her, and Jones agreed.

After about two years of making sculptures, Sarah Jones realised that the nature sculptures were not quite right for her.

She knew the work was done and that the sculpture was finished, but she was still struggling with the idea.

So she contacted the artist, who asked if she could help him create the pieces.

This sculpture was done in a matter of months.

At first she was concerned about the design of the sculpture.

She knew it needed to be in the centre of the work, so it was important that it was very clean.

Then, she saw the artwork in the museum.

Its so beautiful, Sarah told me, and the work is so beautiful.

And she knew she wanted it to be permanent.

When I first saw it, I was just shocked.

I was like, ‘What is this?”’

I was like she’s going to make it permanent?

I was shocked and very, very excited.

Over the next two years, Jones did research into the history of Indigenous art and culture and created a sculpture of the first-ever statue of Sarah Jones.

During this time, she also learned that the work could have a permanent, permanent impact.

There were people who didn’t like the work because they didn’t agree with Sarah Jones and her vision.

They were disappointed, and it didn’t feel right, so Sarah Jones felt compelled to make the work permanent.

She said it was not only a tribute, but also a chance for people to come to know and love Sarah Jones as a living artist.

Since the sculptures were made, Jones has had a lot of support from her community.

We are just seeing people coming up to me, asking to see the sculpture, to be part of it, and being part of the conversation about the project.

Every day, we’re learning something new about


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