The sculpture that will become the new home of The Cat

  • October 10, 2021

By now, you’ve probably seen photos of the sculpture at the Cat sculpture park in Brooklyn.

But how many people have seen it in person?

Well, if you’re lucky, you might have seen this incredible photo of a giant cat sitting in the park.

The sculpture, which has been a part of The Cats, was designed by a local artist named Christopher Rennard, who was awarded a sculpture grant from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2014.

Rennard has been working on The Cat since 2009, when he began to notice a decline in the number of cat-themed sculptures in the city.

“We were really looking to find an outlet for the city, and we decided that if we could find a way to find something that would be meaningful for people to look at, we were going to do it,” he said.

The artist started with the cat, which he described as “an amalgam of the cat and the human.”

Rennards first sculpture was designed to represent the cat’s “turtle-like” legs, which are made from the same material as his sculpture, but the artist says he started to notice that the animal wasn’t getting enough attention.

“When I was in the field, I could see people who were looking at the sculpture, and it wasn’t as big,” he told ABC News.

“And I noticed, and then I started to think about it.

I realized that this cat has a purpose, and that he has an identity that’s more important than the statue itself.”

The artist said he found inspiration in the lives of people, including an American woman who he says helped him to develop the sculpture.

“She saw me, and she said, ‘It’s a sculpture, not a cat,'” Rennas said.

“So I said, okay, and I’ve made this sculpture for her,” Rennardo added.

“And she’s like, ‘Thank you very much, Christopher R. for bringing this sculpture to life.'”

The sculpture was named “The Cat” and was designed as a symbol of hope for the cat population, which is in the midst of a massive decline.

The sculpture has been exhibited at several cat-related events across the country, including a “cat art” exhibit at the Metropolitan in New York City in February.

It was originally created by a man named David Rennarts family, but after his death in 2014, Rennars’ widow, Lisa, decided to name the sculpture after her late husband.

“I’m going to call it The Cat,” R.C. said, with a grin.


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