Greek sculpture woman dies after fall from cliff

  • June 19, 2021

The Greek sculpturewoman who fell off a cliff in northern Greece has died, her funeral service has been told.

The sculpturewoman was identified as Demetrios Koutsou, who had been working on a piece for a sculpture competition in Greece.

She was 38 years old.

Koutsou was a Greek sculptor who was working on two bronze sculptures for the sculpture competition called the National Contemporary Art Competition, or NTAC, which she founded in Athens in 2014.

The NTAC is the biggest and most prestigious international competition for art in Greece and attracts over 500 participants from around the world.

The winner is chosen by the competition organisers and receives a prize of up to €3 million.

Demetrio Koutsoulas sculpture “The Lighthouse” was among the works chosen.

Koutou was working as a model for a sculptor in Athens and had just returned from her home country, where she had just celebrated her birthday.

She had been visiting family in her home village of Saka, and the sculptor told her about her project.

Kansou had been involved in many projects in Greece, including for a number of local sculptors and artists, including sculptor and painter Nikos Koutoulas.

The NTAC has awarded her with a number in recent years for her work.

Kostoulas told the court that Demetrieos had been “a very good friend and she has taught me a lot” and that he loved her.

“She has always been a very kind person and always showed me respect,” he said.

“My father and mother are very proud of her and they are very sad.

We hope to spend our days together as a family.”

The NTCC has launched a memorial fund for Demetris and her family.

It has set up a fund for her parents, as well as relatives and friends, and will also be giving a sum of €5,000 to Demetreas’ family.

The court will hear the case on Tuesday.


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