How to sculpt metal bird sculptures with an Indian metal bird

  • July 2, 2021

The sculpture that forms the center of this article is a sculpture made of metal with a circular shape.

It is called “Metal Bird”.

The artist says that the purpose of this work is to bring to life the emotions of the Indian people.

It also shows the connection between the art of metal and Indian people’s culture and traditions.

The sculpture was designed by an artist and sculptor from the town of Bhilwara, about 40 km from Kolkata.

According to artist Rajiv Mishra, the work was inspired by a song by the legendary Indian singer Bollywood superstar Deepika Padukone.

The work of the artist is about a female figure, which is covered with an open cloth.

A red colour is added to the cloth, creating a pattern of circular pattern.

The work is a representation of the power of love and affection.

The artwork is meant to evoke feelings of longing, nostalgia and hope.

This work was designed for a family event that was held in Bhilwal village.

The sculpture is made of a black metal with an oval shape.

The artist has designed the sculpture so that it can be worn on a person’s neck, shoulders and the back of the neck.

The back of a neck is decorated with a blue ribbon, while the front is decorated to create a design.

The figure is then covered with a yellow cloth.

The cloth is woven by hand into a pattern, and then woven in a different direction.

The artist says this work was made for a small event that took place in the village.

The family had gathered at a shrine to the goddess of love.

The deity is represented by a blue cloth with a red colour.

The piece is decorated in red, and is tied together with a string.

The artwork is in a periodical edition and is not available in stores.

The metal bird was created by a man called Rajiv.

Rajiv says that he is a resident of the town, and that he has been working for several years.

According the artist, he has worked on this work for almost 15 years.

The sculptures are sold online through various art stores, and also in museums.

This artwork has received awards in different countries.

The works have been presented in several national awards, such as the Indian Art Prize in 2011, and the World Artist of Arts and Design in 2011.


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