When Egypt’s ancient monuments crumble: An overview

  • September 1, 2021

This post has been updated to include the names of the sculpture, the Egypt-based company and the date.

By Jessica KourkounisAssociated PressPublished July 17, 2020 11:20:25Hours after the world’s attention focused on the collapse of an ancient Egyptian monument, Egypt’s top antiquities official announced that its antiquities directorate would soon be removing the structure from its pedestal in the capital of the country, a decision that could have profound implications for the future of its heritage.

In a televised speech Wednesday, Egypt Antiquities Director General Khaled ElBaradei said that the monument had been removed “in order to create a new platform for the preservation of its contents” after the country’s ruling council agreed in June to dismantle its statue of a pharaoh and the monuments head.

The monument is a large granite-and-steel pyramid complex, with a square-roofed facade that is often described as the largest known monument in the world, dating from the third century BC to 3,300 BC.

ElBaradeis speech comes as Egypt’s leaders prepare to begin the process of removing hundreds of thousands of objects from museums around the country and a similar process is underway in other countries.

The monuments demolition, the latest in a series of events that have put Egypt on the path to a new civil war, was expected to start on Friday.

The announcement comes just days after a series, including the removal of an Egyptian head and the removal in December of a pyramid on the Giza plateau, sparked a flurry of activity in the nation’s capital, where more than 100 people protested and others set up barricades.

The removal of the pyramid, which sits in a busy section of Cairo’s Tahrir Square, is seen as part of a broader overhaul of the nation.

El Baradei called the latest removal of a monument “an irreversible and irreversible act that destroys the very heart of our civilization.”

The head of the monument, a bronze-clad figure that is believed to have been the ruler of Egypt, is said to have led a rebellion against the pharaohs rule.

Egypt’s ruling Islamic party has been in power for almost 40 years.

The statue, known as the “Hieroglyphic Column” after its pedestals base, has been a fixture of Cairo since ancient times, when it was built in the seventh century BC by the Pharaonic dynasty.

It stands outside a museum dedicated to the city’s past and an exhibition that explores the city.

It was not immediately clear when the sculpture would be removed, and its fate was not clear, said the ministry of antiquities and antiquities.

The decision comes as the country faces a political crisis, with the opposition threatening to topple the country from within if it does not hand over power by mid-July, the deadline set by a military-backed interim government.

A total of 1,942 pieces of antiquity were taken from museums across the country this year, the ministry said.

The total number of objects has increased by more than 30 percent from the previous year, according to the ministry.

Earlier this month, the Egyptian government approved a new law to legalize the dismantling of monuments, which would bring the total number to more than 11,500.

Why did the Egyptian sculpture go extinct?

  • June 30, 2021

The Egyptian sculpture of a woman with her feet on the ground is a popular attraction in the capital Cairo.

But the statue was not part of a large-scale Egyptian sculpture that has gone on the market since 2014.

The work, called the Pharaonic Woman, is a modern Egyptian work depicting the goddess of childbirth, Aphrodite, standing with her hands clasped together, her head bowed, the sun behind her and her breasts and legs raised.

It was part of an exhibition at the Museo della Scala that was dedicated to the ancient Egyptian goddesses, said Italian architecture and sculptor Matteo Di Nava, the president of the Italian association of the National Museums of Egypt.

Di Nava said that while the sculpture was part on an exhibition, it had not been in a large scale until the last few years.

Its disappearance has caused a stir, and the exhibition has not been rescheduled, he said.

“This piece, in the words of the Egyptian government, ‘is a modern work.'”

The sculpture of the Pharoah was a gift from the king, and it was also a part of the exhibition.

“We are waiting for the government to announce a new date for its resumption,” he said, adding that there was no indication the sculpture had been removed from the market.

Di Navella said he had not seen the sculpture in person but that he had seen a number of photographs of it on the Internet.

“I think it is quite an interesting piece, it has been there for a while,” he added.

“The idea that it has disappeared, it is really sad.”

Egyptian sculptor Di Naveella says the sculpture is part of museum’s Pharaonan collection.

The museum has also displayed pieces from the Bronze Age and the Iron Age.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi announced in January that he would take over the government’s Antiquities Ministry.

Sisi has vowed to revive the country’s ancient heritage, revive the economy and improve the quality of life.


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