How to get your artwork in Africa

  • August 23, 2021


Choose a country that has a rich cultural heritage2.

Choose an area that is suitable for the sculpture3.

Choose the type of sculptureYou can choose a painting, sculpture, or sculpture-making process.

For example, you could choose a mural to create an impression of Africa, a traditional painting to paint the city of Lusaka, or a sculpture to create a symbolic representation of the city.4.

Get the permitYou need to obtain a permit for a sculpture or painting in a country.

For more information, see the “Artists” section below.5.

Find an artistThe most difficult part of this project is finding an artist for your artwork.

Find out more about artists and how to apply for a permit.

If you’re interested in creating an image, a poem, or music video for your sculpture, you’ll need to register with a creative agency.

If the artist has a website and a Facebook page, you can get information on registering for his or her art.6.

Create the workYou need at least two weeks of preparation.

This will include researching the artist, creating a short story or poem about the sculpture, writing a short biography, creating sketches, and selecting the right location.7.

Place your workIn some countries, you need to apply in person, although in other countries, your art can be placed on display in public parks or public spaces.

The sculpture may need to be placed in a public space for a few days before it is placed on the street.


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