How to get your hands on the best indian sculpture

  • August 15, 2021

The indian artist Richard Serra has created a sculpture that’s almost unrecognizable from any other piece of sculpture he’s made.

The work was unveiled to the public in New Delhi on Saturday.

The sculpture is made of wood and is the work of Serra and the Indian artist duo, D.C. Sengupta and Amitabh Bhattacharya.

The pair first saw each other when they were working on their respective projects.

Serra’s work was inspired by the fact that he saw a lot of art from India and the idea of creating a sculpture from scratch was something that appealed to them.

“When we saw each others work, it clicked,” said Serra.

“This was the most obvious way to go and this was the only way we could think of, because India has a lot to offer to us, especially in terms of culture, history and architecture.”

We were so inspired by these two pieces that we wanted to create a sculpture of India from scratch.

We started by looking at what was already there and then we went on to look at all the work that was out there, and this is where the idea for the sculpture came from,” he added.

“The sculpture has a number of motifs that come from the history of the art. “

It is made out of large stones that have been shaped like a large wheel,” said Sengupta.

“The sculpture has a number of motifs that come from the history of the art.

It’s very much about a shared love of these two cultures.

We have a very strong affinity with the Indian artists and the culture they bring to the world.

We love these two traditions.”

Sengupta said that when they first saw the work, they thought it would be “a huge, heavy sculpture” that would take years to complete.

“But it turned out to be just one piece, which we made in one day.

And it’s a very unique work.

We think it’s one of the best works that he’s ever made,” he said.

The sculpture was completed in just over two months.

“Losing sight of reality is not an easy task,” said Bhattacha.

“We have to see the work in terms that it has to do with the artist, the environment, the time and the landscape.

We work so hard to make sure that everything works together in the end, so we are really thrilled to have this piece.”

The duo says that their project is a “love letter” to India.

“For us, the sculptures are the things that connect us and give us an understanding of India.

This piece represents this shared passion, this love for India and how much we love it,” said K. Prakash Sengu, the artist behind the work.

“With this piece, we have tried to bring it to the people through the sculpture.

It has a huge emotional value that is unique and powerful,” he continued.

“To me, it is the most meaningful piece that I’ve ever done, and I’m very happy with how it has come out.”


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