Ancient Greek sculpture, the ‘outdoor metallic sculpture’, is a ‘gift from god’

  • August 21, 2021

A ‘gifts from god’: An ancient Greek sculpture by Greek artist Henry Moores is a “gift to humanity” from a “god who is a true creator”, according to the artist’s grandson.

Henry Moores, who lives in Australia, said he wanted the sculpture to become a national monument in his family’s ancestral home of Rhodesia.

“The reason is because of the ancient people that came here and made it, and they said ‘this is our place, this is our heritage’,” Mr Moores said.

“And so they came here from India and built it.”

The sculpture is located in the town of Rana, near the town and city of Rhodes, on the northern edge of Africa.

Mr Moores was born in Rhodesia and has been working on the sculpture since 2012.

It is the third of Moores’ many sculptures, which date back to the 19th century.

Moores is the second person in Rhodesian history to be honoured with a national park status, after a statue was erected by the Rhodesian government in the 1980s.

His sculptures include a sculpture of a horse, a sculpture depicting a horse riding a man and a statue depicting a woman walking on the road.

He said he had been inspired by the “sacredness” of the art and the fact that he was “from a country that doesn’t have very many monuments”.

“I was thinking of the history of our people, of the stories that were told, and the great traditions that they had,” he said.

“The idea that there would be a statue in our country, it was a gift from god.”

And if we can give it back to this sacred place, that’s a great gift to humanity.

“”I think this is the most important sculpture in our culture and it’s going to be a wonderful addition to the heritage.

“‘I can’t believe I’ve made this contribution’ While Moores has a “huge amount of pride” in the sculpture, he said he could not believe it had been commissioned.

“We’ve got to be sure it’s done correctly.””

[The work] is something that’s not a piece of art, but a piece that has the power to bring a lot of people together,” Associate Curator Kate Wray said.

“We’ve got to be sure it’s done correctly.”

Moores said he did not expect the work to be permanent, but hoped it would help to draw people together.

Rhodesia has been ruled by Rhodesian independence since 1957, and has a population of some 12 million people.

Many of Rhodesian society lives in rural areas where the majority of the population live.

A national park would mark the region’s independence from Britain.


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