The sculptures salon and the sculpture museum are in the middle of a transformation

  • August 26, 2021

The three-storey, two-storeys architecture of the main sculpture museum at the Jerusalem Art Museum has been transformed.

The building is being replaced with a new sculpture salon that will house three new sculptures.

The sculptures will be exhibited from Thursday to Saturday and then on Saturday the exhibition will be extended until Sunday.

This is the first time since its construction in 2012 that the museum will have a permanent sculpture salon.

The project, which is part of a wider initiative called “Sharing and the Arts,” will feature the work of artists from all over the world, and the main exhibition will focus on contemporary artists.

Art curator Rafi Ben Gurion said that while it was not immediately clear how much the new building would cost, it was part of the city’s overall strategy to improve the public spaces and to create a more inclusive environment for all citizens.

“The museum was originally built with a very small number of spaces.

The project will make this much more ambitious and will result in a very big change in the museum,” he told The Jerusalem Times.”

We want to create spaces that reflect the diversity of the people and communities that live here, and this is what the new sculpture hall is going to provide,” he added.”

What is most important to us is that it will give the museum the capacity to showcase new works and that it is also a space where people can learn from each other and create new works.”

According to Ben Gurions plan, the new space will be able to host up to 20 people.

The current number of people in the hall is 16, but Ben Gurious hopes to have a larger space to accommodate the more than 40 artists that will be visiting from around the world.

The sculpture hall, with a total floor area of 40,000 square feet, will be located in the centre of the museum, adjacent to the sculpture gallery.

It will be open daily from 6 am to 8 pm and from 5 pm to 8:30 pm.

It will be equipped with a reception area with a small cafe, a small bar and a small dining area.

Ben Gurion described the new pavilion as “a new space” that will “change the way people look at the art in the city.”

“We hope that this will help us to attract new talent, and that will help the museum to grow,” he said.

“Our goal is to create new spaces for the public that are very inclusive and also for people who are not from the arts, and who are also not interested in learning how to paint or sculpt.”

The project is the brainchild of the deputy director of the Museum and Cultural Centre of the National Museum, Prof. Avigdor Efraim Zivin.

In his plan, Ben Gurios new pavilions will feature “new and contemporary artists from around our city” and “the best in their fields” as well as “an array of new exhibitions, seminars and classes.”

How to create a lion sculpture from a 2-by-4

  • August 25, 2021

It’s a tricky task.

But a lion’s claws can be sculpted from 2-D objects, and even that takes a bit of creativity.

A sculpture called “Lion’s Claw” is based on a piece of art by Japanese artist Junji Yasui.

The artist said the piece is a response to a popular 3-D sculpture called the “LION’S CLAW” in Tokyo.

Yasui created a replica of the lion’s claw with two 3-dimensional pieces of glass.

The pieces look like little paws, but they are actually a pair of claws.

You can see them on the 3-d model at the end of this post.

Yasuis design is a bit quirky, so you might want to play around with the 3D models yourself.

Here’s a closer look at the claws.

The art is not perfect.

The design is not the most accurate.

But it works.


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