Artist and designer Amanda Houghton says she will be at the forefront of ‘a new art movement’ in Canada

  • July 27, 2021

Amanda Haughey is one of a growing number of artists and designers who are embracing the digital age to change how they make their work.

Houghton, a New York-based artist and designer who has been working with sculpture for over 20 years, is in the middle of a two-year program at the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Ottawa to create a digital sculpture.

The project aims to connect artists with their audiences through a series of interactive exhibitions and events.

Haughey has been exploring ways to connect art and technology to social justice issues and believes this project will help her create a new art practice that is both a platform and a tool for social justice movements.

“It’s a way of engaging with my audience, to find a deeper connection,” Haugleys said.

“It’s about connecting my audience to me, and how that affects them, and the art world in general, and what we can do together.”

Haugleys work is often connected to social issues such as climate change and reproductive rights, but she said the art form has also been a platform for a lot of people who feel excluded.

“I think a lot in our culture, particularly in the arts, there’s a kind of invisibility that happens around the gender binary and that there’s not really a lot that happens for women in the art industry,” Houghley said.

“And I think in my own personal life, that’s a really difficult thing, because my gender has always been really invisible, and I think a piece of art like my piece could be really important to women, or to other people.”

Houghley hopes her work will inspire a new wave of artists to take a different approach to creating and curating art.

“We have to really think about how do we take a more inclusive approach to the way that we create,” she said.

Haughts work can be found at her own website,, and on her website,


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